We seek companies with revenue of $10–50 million and stable cash flow of $2–6 million.
We look for companies with strong and defensible business models built around diversified customer bases, differentiated products
or services, intellectual property, or proprietary technologies.
We prefer management team continuity in an acquired company, but we are comfortable accommodating management transitions.
We actively promote experienced executives who want to own and operate a business by helping them find and finance transactions.
We find fragmented and niche industries particularly attractive because of the possibilities for margin improvement
and growth by acquisition.
We prefer companies in the Mid-Atlantic within a 3 hour drive of Philadelphia so that we can regularly be at our companies.

Our Focus

We focus in a range of sectors including…
Business and outsourcing services
Specialty manufacturing
Healthcare devices and services
Industrial technologies

…and in a variety of change-of-control situations including…
Family businesses in transition
Corporate divestitures
Control recapitalizations
Management buyouts
Co-investments with other private investors

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