We take a different approach from other investment firms or holding companies.


We show up… and not just for the Board meetings. We work very closely with our companies on a regular basis and we believe that being there goes a long way to establishing the platform for performance. We are hands-on partners, not absentee owners.


We focus on moving the business forward with growth, investment, intellectual horsepower, and a "roll up the sleeves" attitude. We work specifically on issues of strategy, business development, finance, operations, and human resources. We help identify core competencies and then build on key strengths with consistent management and fresh business perspectives, all within a culture of continuous improvement.

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We bring a proven, structured program for assessing
opportunities, setting goals to drive performance, measuring
results, ensuring account-ability, and paying for performance.
We expect top management to be our equity partners, by re-investing, co-investing, and/or through sweat equity.


We stick with our management partners. We do not plan to exit after a certain number of years. Instead, we seek to operate a group of high-performing businesses on an ongoing basis.